Align and find center of DWG sketch

Hi, I need some help with something that I can’t figure out. I’ve imported a DWG sketch with a text based logo (an example in the photos), and I need to align it exactly in the center of the rectangle above, but I can’t figure out how to get the exact center (or measures) of the imported logo, so I can’t center it exactly, and the align tools are just for bodies, not for sketches. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

One way would be to extrude the text and the rectangle. Then, make another sketch, a long skiny rectangle that is parallel to the extruded text. Extrude with Union option. Make sure this little rectangular solid does not make new “widest points” in your model. Now, use the align tool to get the text in the frame.

Now, you can use what you’ve got, or project the text and rectangle to convenient planes.

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I’m not sure what you’re doing with the logo and rectangle, but I assume both with be extruded at some point. I’ve done something similar, and these steps will get you there:

  1. Extrude the logo. The depth doesn’t matter- 1mm?
  2. Draw a rectangle around the logo that barely encompasses it.
  3. Extrude the rectangle.
  4. Now you can select the logo as a group (much easier to do it from the items on the left), and align it with the rectangle.
  5. Now you can grab both the logo and rectangle, and align it with the rectangle above.
  6. Delete the temporary rectangle, and now the extruded text is aligned above the rectangle in the center.

It’s up to you from there. I usually just deal with extrude text at this point.

edit: I feel good that Bob was going in the same direction. He’s a master.

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I wanted to add one clarification. I create the tight rectangle around logo just so I have an object that will have a reliable center point when aligning. If I just tried to align groups of text, I always had to move it one way or another.

Haha. I’m no master,

I’ve just stumbled enough to start remembering it🤣. (I still get nailed by the subtract default:-) Now, @TigerMike is a master! He taught me about making a video while hitting multiple undos then reverse the vid. So you don’t see me picking any tools… the text above applies. I know you don’t have to have a body merged to the text… sometimes if it makes it more obvious…


This would be a really great time for shapr to allow you to use the move widget, position it (considering it’s easy to grab the center origin point) then have a “snap to” feature that would move a sketch to that point. Very similar to translate, but without having to select 2 random points. The widget starts at the center anyways, so when its positioned where you want it you just click the center point again and the sketch automatically snaps to that position.

Makes no sense to me why you can move it independently but it doesn’t do anything.
EDIT: yes i know it’s used to rotate around another object, or select a corner or particular feature to move/rotate around, but still needs this option ^^^


Hi @franpanxop

@Bob3DPO and @Dayton3D solutions are great.

If you want to do it at the sketch level, it is also possible:

  • draw a enclosing rectangle
  • make it horizontal/vertical (and construction line)
  • make each side tangent to the relevant letter (if a letter has an sharp angle, use coincident instead of tangent)
  • add a mid line to the rectangle to have a visual clue where the center is
  • exit sketch and use the translate tool to move the center of the enclosing rectangle to the center of the destination rectangle


Thanks! That’s really the best approach to what I’m trying to do! That way you don’t have to “guess” the center point. I don’t know how that doesn’t came to my mind before. Thanks again!

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