Center aligning objects

How do you center align object (simple rectangle) with a group(3D logo)

Are you trying to align text inside of the rectangle? If so, I am going to tell you it is a painstaking task.

First, it’s better to work with the text before you extrude it. When I want to “accurately” place text I will draw two lines that are perpendicular to one another, a sort of crosshair, and put those where I want the text to be and lock them in place. Then, insert your text and rough align the center point of the text with the crosshair you just made. Now zoom in and move the text center point closer to the crosshair using the move arrows and the dashed line extending from the center pint of the text, rinse and repeat until you are happy. You cannot snap or use constraints on text yet.

See this post because I have requested some refinements to positioning text.

If this isn’t what you’re trying to do, could you post a screenshot?