Help aligning a sketch in a sketch

I appreciate any help, I’ve read through a few posts and I was recently very excited to use the auto aligning options having watched a few demo videos since I last used Shapr heavily.

I have a sketch that I drew (a rectangle) and I want to draw a second sketch and center it, but I can’t seem to accomplish this, I would hope after showing off such impresive alignment options, that this simple task is simply just eluding me because I can’t find the button, and not because this is still not possible.

Basically the lower box in the screenshot, I drew it, set it at width of 10mm, and now I just want it centered between the 2 sides - it seems to want to snap to something other than the larger box - is this maybe caused by needing to perfectly draw my original sketches on the exact grid? I am going to assume I’m making a mistake. Thx

Well you can lock the lines with constraints and then use the line tool to connect either side to the outside and make the lines equal. There are video tutorials that demonstrate this

Watch here for some clues: What are constraints? How do I use them? – Shapr3D Help Desk.