Aligning Dimensions

Hi, does anyone know if we are able to align dimensions with other dims when in 2d drawing mode. For the sake of neatness.


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The dimensions do not snap and align. Same with views.

The views workaround is selecting other views to keep them synced in line when moving them, but dimensions need to be eyeballed.

It’s been asked about before, so hopefully it’s on the roadmap.

Thanks Nathan, much appreciated.
In time I think shapr3d will become a great drawing program that I will be able to do all my cad work on straight from my armchair.
It’s got a long way to go it seems.


Shapr has come a long way in the years I’ve used it, and it’s constantly improving.

It’s pretty much at the center of my workflow for many different uses. Being mobile is one of the most useful aspects of the software.