All colored items are shiny, I need matte

All colors show up super shiny in 3D… In AR and 3D brown turns into gold…
Can you add an option to select the reflectiveness or make the colors less reflective by default?

I’m a happy and proud user of Shapr3D. I create models for a laser cutter with your product.
My circular design products are lamps made completely from waist, wood left over from a furniture maker… Thanks for your great product

I thought it would be cool to also show transparency of a part, but I know that the way the AR works it would be very difficult.

Transparency is an option in the color menue. It’s a subscription feature.


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FYI, all bodies in AR preview are opaque. The are in color but cannot be transparent.

It would help me a lot if there was a shiny/matte slider just like the transparency option.

AR meaning augmented reality on the iPad app?

I only have used the Mac version.


Correct. Augmented reality preview is available on newer iPad Pro’s with Lidar scanner.

It’s available on every iPad.

I stand corrected. I meant to say that newer iPad Pro’s come with the Lidar scanner. But I learned something here. I didn’t realize my 2018 iPad Pro (no Lidar scanner) can preview augmented reality.

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I have the first-gen ipad air, sadly I can’t use shapr on that.

I’m debating buying an iPad Pro for shapr exclusively, but I’m not sure yet.

Lidar scanning needs the newer models for that sensor. The older models can do “AR” because all they’re doing is keeping track of the device’s movement, some with a reference point and some without. It is a surprisingly simple bit of technology these days.


I personally believe the reactions to my post lost the original intention.
Is my request for a slider to select matte/shiny something that is shared by others?
I’m a big fan of the AR preview function on my iPad Pro.