All forms are deform when open in other cad program

Hello I’m in basic mode cause I’m learning the program, is normal that all the designs (.stI) deforms when are in other cad program or slicer?
Maybe is the low quality only option, but is that normal?


Hi! I can confirm that what you can see is the result of the low-quality STL export.

When you export your models to a mesh file, they will be converted within a given tolerance. With the Basic license, this tolerance is quite loose, this is why the circles became polygons.

In the meantime, please try to avoid file transferring in STL format between CAD software, a huge amount of data loss happens during the CAD-mesh conversion.

Thank you very much for the answer, but then here in Sharp3D stl is the only way to send transfer files or? I mean in the basic, what can I do to try my designs and see the real results, is any way to transfer the files to another cad program?
Kind regards

Hi Rodrigo,
Please feel free to apply for the 14 day long trial, it is available for both of our subscription tiers. During the trial, you can use the full functionality of the chosen tier with an infinite number of file imports and exports in the supported formats.

Thanks I will

I had a same kind of issue with my stl. Although it was a problem with the scale of the model. I had to scale it every time while opening in other cad program… also high quality stl export might solve your problem

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