Exported model not the same as in Shapr3D

Firstly, thanks for making a great App.
I have a concern with a model that I am trying to make and export.

Basically it is a double row, roller bearing, and in the app it has all the necessary components and spacing for ball and inner and outer races.

When I export it as a .stl (med free version) the balls were crashing into both the inner and outer races.
I have since purchased the pro version and exported it again as a Hi res .stl file but it still has an issue of crashing into both inner and outer races.

It has only one area on the race both inner and outer where the ball can live, you should be able to see it in the images.
The rest of the balls hit both races.

What am I doing wrong here guys?
Open to suggestions and assistance.
Excuse the images, taken with my phone of the computer screen haha.

I would include more images, but I am limited to 1 being a new user.
Changed the image link due to the post being flagged as spam???
Is there an issue using imgur as a image host?

Adding more images in the replies due to first post limitations.

Update: we discussed this issue in email, and we sent @lurka the fixed STL file. The problem is in the STL exporter, that can mess up STL files in some cases. This issue is now fixed, and the fix will be included in the next release.