All Sketches are gone

Hey there!

I hope you can help me. This happened to me for several times in the past. At some point it sometimes happens that some of the sketches are no longer “visible”. It looks like they are still there, because all spline control pointes are there, but somehow they are not. So far, I’ve always been able to quickly redraw them, so that wasn’t a problem. But it is a bit more complex and I would like to have them back. Now I do not know if this is “normal behavior” or a bug? :thinking:

What’s going on here?

Hi, thanks for reaching out with this issue. Could you export the shapr file and send it to us so we can investigate?

Hey Aron. Sure, in which format?

Please export in Shapr Project format:

Hey @Aron_Shapr3D. I’ve sent the project to support@…
Just now I look into my projects again and notice that now everything works again. I haven’t gotten any feedback from support yet, but it’s getting back…


Hi @woodbytes I’m having the same problem. I found the issue was that when i loft, the sketches are no longer visible, I fixed this by going to items and toggling the sketch visibility back on (you willl see the affected sketches become invisible once lofted). Not sure why they become invisible.