Hidden Layers Reappear

This happens to me all the time and is for sure unexpected. I create some sketches and objects then I hide them because I want to use them later and don’t want to mess them up. When I draw something those re-appear even though they should be hidden.

2021-01-13 18.27.49

In this video, I made an outline of an ESP32. I put that in a folder and hid the folder.

Then I started drawing something else. When I draw the line the hidden folder re-appears.

How can I stop the hidden things from becoming un-hidden?

It is just the nature of this program. If you sketch on a plane, no matter where whether on the X, Y, or Z planes, or in 3D space, you can hide it. If you start drawing on that same plane, the previously sketched entities will become visible again.

Is that a bug or expected behaviour?

Expected behavior.

I would love a setting to disable this “feature”.

Currently we don’t have sketch groups. Every plane is a single sketch group. This is why it’s not possible atm. We are aware of this problem, and will come up with a solution.

Thanks @Istvan I appreciate your reading the comments. You are doing a great job on Shapr3D I love the direction your are heading and the tool is “FANTASTIC”.

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Thank you. I read every single post here every day :slight_smile:

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