All started off by trying to ask about sketching

Hi, I am trying to ask a question about sketching and this thing keeps telling me that I am a new user therefore I am restricted.

how long do I have to use this software to “not” to be recognized as a newbie to the system?


hey @noobdesigner, this forum is an independent platform from Shapr3D. They have no data about how long you are a Shapr3D user. Their metrics of a user’s level are defined by the number of posts/answers you write and the actual reading time.

For first-time users and people who interact rarely, there is an automatic restriction to make sure no one will register and spam the community with inappropriate things. This does not mean you cannot open threads or upload pictures, but there is a limit for the first few posts.

Please feel free to start a thread with your questions. If you have some more pictures to upload within a post, just tag me there and I’ll upgrade your account.

Sorry for the late reply, actually as for being a person who speaks English as second language, it is a lot easier and simple if I could upload pictures to explain what I am trying to achieve… thats actually why put up this question. Can you allow me to do so if it is not too much hassle? Thanks.

Done! You can upload more than one picture

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