Am I blind or is there no folder option?

Am I blind or is there no folder option? Or are there for real no Folders for Desgines?
I have over 200+ desgines, and it drives me mad that i can’t put them in folders?

Ok i read now that you have it on your roadmap, and kinda lost it again?

You said here it won’t slip but now are 2 years gone, that’s getting very embarrassing such a basic simple fundamental feature,… still missing?
I mean you programmed some rocket science stuff and you have still no folders for organizations for designs :stuck_out_tongue: xD
PLEASE do it! My 15 year old brother can even Programm that, that is a joke compared to what you accomplished already ^^
But over 2 years for folders, still nothing has changed about that?

And please for anybody with funny time wasting live frustrating workaround, don’t waste any time for trying to explaining them to me… i won’t use them, i just want something very very very very very simple in the app internally.

And if your excuse is that you want to do a super mega sync abo mambo sync feature,… then PAUSE that serious companies in Germany are not allowed to use them by law anyways for example, but letting people wait for 2 years for a simple fundamental feature wich should have been implementent from day one and finished before first alpha ever, is embarrassing.

Besides that I only feel pure absolut love and admire for what you have created! That is by any means the most well designed Programm i have ever seen, that makes this little yet so important fundamental missing thing much bigger, since you have already something i could call perfect, but nothing is perfect i heared :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea, Christmas is way behind the mountain - and still no folder-structure in sight. It’s getting more and more annoying - and absurd. You keep adding features and features … but the most basic thing is still missing.