Concept of Folders?

I can not really understand, why there is no option to make folders for my desgins?
I have like 200+ desgins, and there are many duplicates, which i like to make to save some steps, it is very enjoying that there is no option for folders? If you want it so keep it endless scrollable, you could do a button, which unfolds everything if wanted. Also a search field is missing. Overall i seems like there was not so much of effort put into organizing your desgins? Some desgins get kinda lost and get very difficult to find, as specially when i want to something in a hurry from longer before. I like it that it after usage it lines up to the first place. But a button to switch between hierarchical view and order by last used.

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When you export your designs to iCloud, you can create all the folders you want. This also backs up copies of your work.

For me the trouble with relying on Export to iCloud is that it must be done from within the design. I look forward to what the S3D team comes up to allow users greater control in the organization of their files. Hopefully the forthcoming cloud sync will help with this.

That is not a real option to me since I am only using own hosted clouds services.
And also I want the same view, just with folders.

It is just funny since, this a very very expensive Programm, and people are using it for business. I can not imagine that anyone who has more then only few desgins doesn’t get mad. Also it is a very simple feature, the stuff which was coded meanwhile is geniuses and miracle stuff in comparison, but folders? With the skill of S3D Team it should be more then easy to make folders. Don’t understand why this is not done yet in any means? :stuck_out_tongue: