Organization within app

I am wondering how soon we will have folders added to our design area for organizational purposes. I’m coming up on renewing my subscription and I’m trying to determine if it’s worth it or not. I have hundreds of designs that I refer back to to make modifications and I have so many now that it’s very difficult to find the one I need.

I need a way to be able to organize and rearrange my designs in the application. I know this has been asked for before. I’m just trying to find out when it is expected to be added.

I also realize that my designs can be organized outside of the application and I do do that but I frequently make modifications and I don’t want to have to save all of them in the correct format to be able to go back and upload to modify.

Being able to drag them and rearrange them would be very helpful also within those folders or some ability to sort them other than having the most recently edited falling on top.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to Shapr3D. Managing hundreds of designs can indeed be difficult within the app today. Support for folders is something that we are working on as we speak, along with additional features for design management, including search & sorting functionality. Our current plan is to introduce them in the first quarter, though this might change due to conflicting priorities or engineering/design problems. We’ll keep you posted.


Thank you. I realize why you have to give the disclaimer but I sincerely hope you will see the importance of this and keep it in the first quarter. Every day that passes I become more and more annoyed. :slightly_frowning_face:


ditto. It’s mind-boggling to me for any app to NOT have a file system! Seems like such a rudimentary function being overlooked by the design team display a lack of breadth of real UI design. Granted the ‘design’ features are easy to operate, but to what end if you can’t organize your creations. This is a feature that has been promised pre October '19 and still no progress.

File organization (design recall) is a joke in this app. Even back when I only had 40-80 designs (now in the hundreds), trying to find which version or having to reload a file just to verify a part then isolate and export that part just to pull it into another design has been a major turn off and a major issue deciding whether to continue renewing this licensed app. Even within a single design, the ability to create an object that has sub-objects (just like if you import a design into another design…all the parts are under a single block) would be a MASSIVE time safer. but alas…nothing accomplished to date. :frowning: