Animation in Sharp 3D

Do you have to plan to add Animation options in Sharp 3D - (now i need to save all in a 100 pictures and next use Final Cut to do a animation)


I’ll bump this post as well, this is a missing core functionality to show breakouts and such…

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This would be great.

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After watching the latest webinar from Shapr3d showing off the new web viewer and such, it seems animations will have to be a logical next step.

Any input on this from the roadmap @Istvan

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What kind of animations would you like to see in Shapr3D?

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I think it will be good if first you add function that i can add my camera position (point of view ) and do the shot, next do some “normal” editing (what sharp 3D can do now) and next come back to the my camera position again and do another shot, and next the same till i will have all shots for final cut to do a video.

So totally i need one camera position for the all shots (after changing and fixing objects)

That is not advertising - you can just see how i did animation now:

All on this site from Sharp3D

I currently make fly over and fly through videos of my drawings by moving model, take screen shot, move model gain and take screenshot etc in stop motion style that is painful but actually works quite well when you get into it but…
The ultimate would be a key frame type of scenario where you arrange the model for a start view, then move model for a mid point view then finally an end point with the last view and it animates the model in between. This would give a great amount of flexibility to create many animations and not requiring users to learn technical animation. You could include a speed control in there as well for faster or slow animations, this would be a very intuitive way to create the animation you want.
I have looked everywhere for just to be able to do this but cannot find anything yet software (fantavision) i used back in 1990 had this feature and made animation a breeze.

Another method i have been trying on ipad is to take screen recording then move the model

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I’d like to be able to link bodies, to allow multiple bodies to articulate- in a similar way that sketches are linked. I’m not really interested in animation for its own sake, but to check for collisions in linked assemblies



Regarding the type of animation - really animation of assemblies.

For example, imagine modeling something like a concealed hinge that has several linkages with several pivot points. Being able to animate its movement from to closed position would be huge.

The foundation for this seems to already be there with adding a construction axis through a cylinder. However I cannot have movement across multiple rotation points to verify design.

Fusion360 has this functionality, but I cringe having to use it. I’m too comfortable in the wonderful Ui/ux kf Shapr3d to want to use a different program for that! :grin: