There is any way to make animation with my designs at my iPad Pro?

What sort of animation are you looking for?

Onshape has a simulation plugin that runs in the cloud. You can export to Onshape with .xt, .stp., .igs

I like anímate some mechanical stuff, like this…


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I like make from sharpr3d to another animation software

Yeah, that would be so nice, if possible. I guess, stuff like you can do in fusion 360 animation/simulation section.

Hi, we don’t have it yet and it is not on our roadmap as of now, definitely not in the near future of Shapr3D

Ah. Well if not animation. Could the objects be selected and turned solid. This would mean that nothing can pass through this object.

Hi- can you give me an example of what you would use this feature to?

But I noted it, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: