Tapered chamfers

Hi guys! Newbie here! I’m working on a watch project and I getting stuck on how to champher an edge starting from a point and getting gradually wider. Any help would be appreciated! See image above

Hi @Mbarber866 Welcome to the Forum.
Select the appropriate Edge and create a parallel Chamfer in the usual manner.

Then Select the End Edge to be Transform > Scaleed.
Increase the scale of the chosen line appropriately:

Then apply the same routine to the opposite end and reduce the scale of that Edge.

Happy S3Ding.


Thank you for the response!

I tried what you suggested, however because the top surface of the part is curved and it intersects with another curved surface its not allowing me to scale one edge. Another option i’ve tried is to create a shape and subtract that shape from the edge. The only problem is that It needs to be perfect on all four sections. Maybe this is an easier problem to fix?

Hi it a workaround but i think it works:
-Make a costruction plane with the “trough three points tool” marked with red on your pic

  • project the yellow edge to the plane
  • draw a triangle on the construction plane. Use end of the projected line for the one of the peak to set the exact place.
    -Extrude the triangle to prism.
  • Subtract this prism from your body.
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Perhaps the Chamfer could be created before attaching the Cube shape being modified?
However looking at the outer top edge of the ‘Cube’ it appears to have a curve and it is obviously longer than the inner edge.

Another way to remove the Chamfer is as follows.
Add > Construction Plane > choose option Through Three Points:

Above a Rectangle has been created on the Construction Plane to encompass the appropriate Edge.
The edge nearest to the Main Body will have to be precisely positioned.
Next select the Rectangle and pull the Arrow upward in one movement:


To use the Construction Plane in the manner you suggested it will require another CP at 90º and 90º to the Edge being modified.

I suggest this way but the subtracted rectangle will hurt the round part,
but if subtract a tringle ( with 0 height on the nearest peak to the round part)will not.
Sorry I’m not with my ipad and can not show, my be at night.

The vid from the project of the edge.
I used the angeled extrude tool before the subtract.