Any Align bug known?

I am trying to align this headgear to that face freshly extruded and hole cut and it will tell me:


Yeah, I cant read it either, hope this light grey on white stops in the next updates.

Now the problem is I did this with the wheel on a couple of other faces that were the same without problems. Here the hole rim is not recognized. The rim on the bigger part is clearly a hole and a rim. While in in align mode it is not!

I’ve run into this issue with projections. Was the cutout created from a projection, offset, or centered sketch?

Could you check if you see the radius / diameter when you select the edge on the bottom picture? If not, it’s not a perfect circle, in that case, it’s the reason for the error in Align tool.

Yeah the radius is 0 which is wrong. How did this happen? The tube diameter is also 0.

That’s not a radius, but the option to fillet the edge.

The question is as @raytristani said, the creation method of such a hole. If you didn’t sketch the circle on the face, but projected it for example, it can easily happen if the face and the plane of the sketch aren’t perfectly perpendicular.

An easy fix could be selecting the hole’s inner surface, deleting it (it will close the hole), then sketch a circle directly on the face, use concentric constraint with the outer edge of the body, extrude the sketch through the body to create a new hole, then align the other body to it.

No projection involved. Sketch circle on face of freshly created bigger extrusion. I tried redoing the hole.
If you remember there was a bad Hirth gear in there that I cut out. Could the rest of the model still be “infected”?
To be honest redrawing this would be a minute but I just want to bring the problem forward.

here is the STEP.

test.step (593.7 KB)

So yeah after projecting and extruding the whole piece it works as it should. Still I would love Shapr to heal a model that simple. Or et least still show problems with it.

Happens to all models the same that had the bad HIRTH gear. Model is damaged even if the gear is cut out.

cant align to that freshly extruded hole

The model is definitely problematic, the outer edges of it is made from multiple lines, not a single circle, which also makes it impossible to make a new circle concentric with it.

However recreating the whole fixes the align issue, the problem here is the positioning. Might need to draw construction lines to find the midpoint.

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So nothing wrong with the model itself?

There is, as I mentioned, it’s seems like it’s not created from circles but multiple lines.

When working with imported geometries, everything depends on them, their quality, and the way they are created.

For a simple model like this, I would actually redraw it.

The big one right, not the green gear? Now if that is the case, that is what I find interesting that another STEP destroyed that model created by Shapr with simple draw and extrude.
The external gear comes from a Fusion export.

Yes, the problematic part is the grey one.

How did you create the whole on it originally? Projected the green one’s inner circle?

No I am quite sure I sketched it on the grey piece und extruded it. It was there before. The grey piece had another headgear.

The move command rotating that piece with the toxic gear made a lot of problems. I wonder if you could prevent that somehow. Problem is not that bad things happen, the problem is you dont know.

Could you upload the design in .shapr format? that has the sketches so I can check.

How can I isolate upload just that part and its sketches as Shapr file? It is several parts and I can not send you the whole project.

Create a copy of the project on the Designs page, open the copy and delete everything else.

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