Circle problem

I have been seeing a new problem occur that is new in the past week or so. When I create a circle on a shape and extrude a hole, I can see and change the size of the hole. The first picture shows this working as expected. However, if I project that circle onto a different shape and extrude a new hole, I can no longer see the size of the hole. This used to work and I use this project technique a lot. The second picture shows that there is no value shown.

*Correction - I can only upload one photo so am showing the one that has the problem.

Hi @wwiens Welcome to the Forum.

This Clip aims to show the situation.
Obviously much will depend on how the User likes to work.

Note the size of the hole remains the same [5mm in this case]

In this you can see the Dimensions at the bottom centre of the screen:

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Thank you. If I follow your steps exactly this works as expected. But, If I only select the edge of the circle from the first object (instead of selecting the entire body) then the resulting hole that is created does not display the hole dimension. And this is not always consistent. Most of the time I can re-create it but sometimes it works fine. Please see the clip at the link provided.

I am getting a similar result following the Project process, regardless of Selection of the Whole Body or just the edge of the Hole.

As an experiment a Copy of the Body, complete with hole and dimension, was made and the result was a replica of the original complete with dimension:

Further I notice that the Information at the bottom centre contains all the information expected in the above Clip, but in my Second Clip above the information, regarding the Hole is absent.
However there is no doubt about the Size of the Projected Hole.

There is a possibility that this is a Bug, I have Flagged the S3D Team appropriately.