Will not let me offer or extrude does not show up?

I’m trying to just make a hole, I have this exact that hole on the other side of my cylinder and it make a hole when i offset it, for some reason extrude does not show up…but that side does allow me to make just a hole all the way thru…

The rectangle and circle were both projected onto the face of the cylinder just fine as far as i can seem but just one side will not allow the circle to offset, the rectangle i can do but not the circle to make a hole in it??? i have done it before on the same idea just fine.

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Looks like you’re trying to extrude from the projected circle which won’t cut through the opposite side.

Try extruding the sketched circle instead…

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thats the

problem, extrude does not show up for me, here is a pic of the other side, worked fine on offset…

I can’t see the original sketch for the circle in your images above. Have you tried clicking on the original sketched circle? Just curious if that will work.

The original i deleted as it was projected, I guess I should have idea it then? but i deleted them before with no problems…

Also off the wall i had a questions how do you figure out where the center is on that face of a cylinder? i think i just got lucky and found it by a point which i assumed was the middle but somehow shaper always wants to not give me the right side square it seems to jolt it off a bit

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Do you mean the centre of the side wall of the cylinder? Where the square and the hole are located.

Yes…and yes…lol

Also i did notice something my circles are different somehow…see?? one is a nice round circle the other has a bunch of faces to it and i have no idea how i did that or it did that…lol
check it out…

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 1.40.14 PM.png…

Is there like a multiple undo? i need to get that square off with the circle and start from scratch…but an easier way then multiple undo lol. not sure how to eliminate a projection

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Drag a bounding box over the entire square and circle and hit delete.

I’ll be just a few minutes creating a video to show how to find the centre of the cylinder wall…

Got it!!

Now how can i find the center to match my other side that is good? but that circle was not a circle it had many faces when i tried to delete it so encircled around it to eliminate it…

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Probably better off just recreating both from scratch and perfectly centred…

Assuming your model is part of a complex model and can’t be moved >>>

In the video you can see I first created a plane (mid plane) and rotated it 90° which will fall in line with the centre of the cylinder wall.

I then used the plane to facilitate the section view which allowed me to sketch a line along the cylinder wall at the centre line.

Returning to normal view I rotated the plane 90° around the axis of the line and sketched another line which is now the centre line of the cylinder wall.

It’s little bit of a round about way to do it but it takes just seconds when you’re comfortable with it

However, if your model is standalone…

…then simply ‘translate’ the model so that the feature of interest falls conveniently on the 3 axis :wink:

In this case this worked better for me to make it quick lol

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