Cancel extruding

Canceling an extrusion by pulling lead to a crash for some holes specially
This video shows how to get around it.

Why does that happen in the first place ?
There was a second hole , used mirror to create its sketch, I had no problem with pulling it .

There is also mirroring issue even for a circle shape in the exact center it shows different measurements than the original side by small decimal and create strange line in the middle of the shape even with union it does not disappear.

I had no problem drawing the whole circle for fun but this miss measurement can cause an issue specially for small parts.

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Wow, that looks weird. Can you please send us the .shapr workspace to

I don’t know how I do that :neutral_face:
I did the same part and ready to extrude and crash
cancel extrude.shapr (156 KB)

It looks like there is a problem when you try to pull it up at different angle.

Oooh sorry you mean I email it .
I don’t have my email setup here yet sorry

No worries it is fine here too, I usually advise email for possible confidential reasons

Yap, the offset srf fails for sure thanks for telling us :confused: As a workaround Replace Face can be used until it gets fixed