Any Way To Create Separate Bodies?

I just started using the app and had a question. Since it supports boolean operations - how do you create separate parts in order to use, let’s say a subtraction boolean? For example - I create a basic cube, Then I want a cylinder to be subtracted from one of the corners. After modeling a cube, I create a circle using one of the corners as the center point, then extrude. What I get is a quarter of a circle extruded. It automatically does a boolean when creating the circle so I can’t really subtracted the cylinder from the cube at that point. The only thing I can think of is model it away from the cube them move it into place but it would be nice to be able to model separate bodies - perhaps being able to turn them on or off like layers.



I would make the cylinder separately, and move there.

The behaviour you noticed might going to change if it does not make sense. We are not sure yet, actually this is one of the questions that we want to be answered from the beta testers. So it seems that for you it does not really make sense, right?

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Thank you for your reply.

I come from Solidworks and when you extrude something that intersects with another “body”, you have the option of merging the two bodies or not. If you do not - each can be used later for a boolean operation. If merged it’s basically a “union”. I would love to see a way to keep bodies separate and perhaps go back in the future and adjusted them without harming others. I know this is big so for now perhaps an option when extruding that allows the user to merge the bodies or keep them separate. So in the case of creating a box and a cylinder centered on on e of the corners - it would extrude the entire cylinder not just a quarter of it within the boundary of the cube. When I get a chance I will work up an example. Thanks!


Was this ever implemented?

Yes - we have added a boolean badge - this way, when you extrude, you can decide between booleans or a new body

Thank you I will look into this.