How can I separate in two parts a piece

Is there any way to divide in two parts a piece I have designed. I mean that with the union tool I can build a single piece joining two bodies. In the oposite if I have a single piece, is there any way to separate it in two parts?

Well, you can always subtract a body from another one that would separate it to two parts. Would that work for you?

I can not subtract the part I want to separate because I can not choose it separately from the complete piece when I select the subtract command.

Can you show an example?

I do not know how to paste an example

I think i know ehats your problem. When you extrude the shape you want to subtract, temporarily hide the ither one, it will prevent fusing them. Then you will be able to subtract it.

I want to separate the body 1 from the body 2. Is there any possibiliti to do it?

Have you tried making a copy of the whole item, and then moving the copied item to a new layer (group)?

Try deleting “1” from one group and “2” from the other and see what happens… you may get lucky

…or if that doesn’t work, next time, create a new group for “1” before you draw it, hide “2”, and then draw “1”. They will both be on different layers and won’t fuse.

Good luck!

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Ok I understand what you mean. I will try. Thank you.