Revolve should offer combine options

the revolve tool should offer combine options like subtract, union, new body, etc

in this particular case, i am revolving to then subtract. And it would be nice to be able to do that in one operation instead of multiple (fusion can do this)

While that wouldn’t be a priority for me, I can see the benefits of it :+1:

Every solid modeling tool will offer boolean options. Once we are done with some of the foudnational work that’s going into parametric modeling, we’ll rapidly add more options to every command.


That’s good to hear. A lot of times I’d like to extrude a face and create a new body.

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Oh yes, if that’s not already an option that would be needed

That’s already available.

I never noticed it before because it’s so small. Maybe make it a bit larger?

You might be running into the issue that some of us have, where you’re actually using the offset face tool (which is default, and doesn’t have the boolean/new body options), rather than extruding it (which does).