Any way to set the anchor point of an object?

Hi there,

I’m trying to work out how to work more effectively.

Often, when I’ve selected an object. Let’s say I want to copy it or move it (say the object is long, wider then the width of my screen/current zoom level).

I want to use the arrows to move the object but they are located (typically) in the centre of the stuff object. So I have to scroll the screen to find the tool/arrows/move manipulators.

Which takes me away from where I’m working.

So is there any way to move the anchor point to where I want to?
This would also enable me to rotate/pivot around that selected point (I’ll need to be doing that in my current project).

Can you see what I mean?
Any help?

Kind regards, Phil.

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Yes, the center dot of the 3 arrows at the Move/Rotate tool is the anchor point. Select it and move it to where you’d like start a move or rotate.