Snapping etc

I’m trying to get the center point and movement arrows to snap to the center of a 3D body but it refuses to. Nor can I get the body to snap to the colored axis lines? Is this a bug or intended behavior? (Yes all of my snapping options are toggled to on) as you can see in the video, it snaps to the walls just fine but can’t find any center point.

Select the whole Body within Items.
Adjust the view of the Body using the usual Finger Control movements.
This should reveal that the Pivot Point of the Move Tool is at the Centre:

I think you misunderstand what I need. If the center point of the move tool has… well… moved… how do you get it BACK to the center? There seems to be no way I can find to find the center point of the object again.

This will not function when the Body is in a square on view, i.e., the Grid shows on a Face of the Body.
Use a Finger to move the Body into a 3D view
Select that Body within Items, leave the Body Selected, then use
Transform > Move/Rotate
If that does not give the result you need please attach a Video of what is happening.

Here is a more clear video for you.

Thanks for the Video.

This is the Sketch Centre:

To Move the Sketch Select/Highlight it within Items [see lefthand Column] the use Transform > Move/Rotate. With Snaps switched on you should be able to position it accurately both horizontally and vertically.

I moved the Body to be centred on the junction of the Axis, this is the Body Centre:

In this case it is horizontally centred on the Z Axis and vertically on the Base [underside] of the ‘Tray’.

This is verification of the Centre from the Plan and Elevations:

Note: There will be only one Body within Items if you have used Tools > Union

It can be useful to centre you Designs around the Axis Junctions, but that is down to personal preference.

In this the Body Centrer is centred on the Axis Junction:

I would sketch additional line for mid point reference or two lines for interesting point

And how do I find the midpoint to add that to a body exactly you suggest if I don’t know where it is?

May I suggest that you Sketch A Cube centred on the Axis Junction

Sketch > Rectangle > from centre > position the Pencil on the Axis Junction

Pull up the Rectangle to form a cube.

This will have formed a Body within Items

In Items select/highlight Body 01

The Cube will be Selected complete with the Move Feature

Use only your Finger placed just below the Cube move it gently and observe that the Centre does remain in position relative to the Cube.

If you touch the Move Feature you will be able to move it but it will not remain in the centre of the Cube:

The Centre is found automatically, you do not need to ‘play’ with anything.