Any way to share Shapr3D file from free version?

I have finally gotten a friend to try Shapr3D…she’s very CAD savvy, but frustrated with Fusion 360. She’s loving Shapr3D so far, but designed something in the free version and wants to try printing it.

My first thought was that she could save it out as a Shapr3D file, then I could open it in my Pro version and run it through Cura or Prusa Slicer for her. Not something I want to do a lot, but I think showing her that it produces amazing files for 3D printing will seal the deal. It won’t let me save out an actual Shapr3D file. So we tried several different ways, and the only thing was to export an STL or 3MF file, but they’re low-resolution. I’ve never tried printing the low-resolution files, so I have no idea how bad they are. I see “low resolution” and think “crap,” so I’ve never even tried saving that way.

Is there any other way that I can convert this for her? She does not want to sign up for the Pro version yet for budget reasons, but will eventually. I just want her to see how amazing this is for 3D printing!

The low res files aren’t as low res as you might expect, especially not for fairly simply designs. I’ve been printing out relatively simple stuff, like the lid of a box, and to me they don’t look low res at all.

Everything prints perfectly out of Shapr. No reason to test it. Tell to go for it. She won’t be disappointed. I’m printing this right now: Shapr3D Webviewer

The only place where you’ll see the effects of low res is in curved surfaces. They will come out as low-res segmented lines.