Basic Subscription - Low-Res Images

On the Pricing page it says that the Basic Subscription can only export low-res for prototyping.

I don’t know if this would be sufficient for my needs or not. It would be helpful if I could see some images of low-res prints. Can anyone help?



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Hi @MarkW68 , you can download Shapr3D for free and try it for yourself. I’d say that resolution of STL exports in the free tier is not suitable for professional use cases.

Does the same apply to exporting as 3MF? I’m still new to 3D printing but am moderately familiar now with using Fusion360, Shapr3D, OnShape, etc, I’ve done basic designs in each.

I’m struggling with understanding the technical limitations of exporting 3MF or STL using basic subscription and then importing into another desktop CAD before importing into my slicer (PrusaSlicer). What am I looking for that’s “worse” with a low res export?

I haven’t yet printed using this workflow but when I take the export from Shapr and load it into Fusion360 I don’t see what details I’m missing or what I might need to “correct” from the low res export, it seems fine?

You’ll mainly see it in curved surfaces, which will come out as rough line segments rather than smooth ones.

So if everything is a straight line there’s really no difference?

As far as I know, that is correct.