Anybody used the iPad Pro 9.7" with shapr3d?

how is the experience with shapr3d one a smaller iPad Pro? I would use it mostly for not to complex models for 3D printing.
Does the smaller iPad still works ok for modeling?Or is too much space used by the ui?


Hi yvess, thanks for considering using Shapr :slight_smile:
We absolutely treat the smaller iPad Pro as a first class citizen so we worked a lot on making the UI as easy to use and nonintrusive as possible no matter the size of your iPad. (I actually think that it looks better now than on its big brother :smiley:)
Happy modeling!

Bought it! It’s great to use shapr3d with the apple pencil, makes a lot of fun. There still are some features missing for me (measure tool, layers, group,…). But I hope they will come soon :-).


Congrats on the iPad Pro. Guess you will love it and use for Shapr3D and much more. I love mine and I am not regretting buying it.
Looks forward to seeing some of your work.

I noticed on some reviews that the IPad Pro 9.7 only has 2GB RAM, while the 12.9" one has 4GB RAM. Will this actually make a difference in the way the app will handle in the future on the 2 different devices, or there will be no difference between the to way the app will actually function on them, or some stuff will or will not work in the app due to this difference in RAM ?

Usually memory is not a problem. Of course if you make something extremely complex, with lots of freeform surfaces, then theoretically you can run out of memory, but in most cases 2gb is enough. But I think the bigger screen is really nice.

But we are not limiting any features to the bigger iPad Pro, Shapr comes and will come with the same feature set for every iPad Pro model. The only requirement is Apple Pencil support.

I use it and now I have seen some definite no-no’s which can really make it freeze up. Calculations must somehow be restricted to not overload it.
But I’m positively inclined to believe improvements will follow with updates.