Shapr3d which deactivates itself

Hello everyone, I have recently been using Shapr3d on ipad and I noticed that during use every now and then without any errors I exit the program and take me back to the home screen …
I use ipad Air 4 with Shapr3d version 5.14 …
What could it be ??

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Break up it.

Hey @Rotolo74,
Can you please elaborate on I exit the program and take me back to the home screen? Do you actually quit Shapr3D or just put it in the background?

When quitting Shapr3D it is expected to open up the Discover page, while putting it in the background should pause Shapr3D. However, if the OS starts running out of memory (RAM), it will automatically close the apps from the background. If Shapr3D is closed by the OS, you will see the Discover page when you get back to Shapr3D again.

Regarding the version number of Shapr3D, please check if you are running the latest, 5.143 version on the iPad.

It closes me automatically … I think it’s a RAM problem


We had a bug which caused memory leak in 5.140, please update to the latest version (5.143) and check if it still happens.

Of course, in the end it might be that the model is just too complex for the device.

At least until iPadOS 16, when we’ll supposedly get virtual memory swapping.

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Only for M1 and newer devices, and it actually doesn’t help “that” much, I’ve already tested it. In my tests, I was able to make about 20% more bodies work without crashing, but after that point, it still couldn’t handle the load. So it’s not a silver bullet, you still need as much “real” memory as you can get if you want to work on complex models. It will help in cases where you are really close to being done, but can’t at the moment.

Hi Laci, Due to the experience of Shapr3D crashing due to the lack of RAM memory in M1 many times before, I have begun to have a shadow in my heart now. I don’t dare to design things at will. I always worry that it will crash again. Does this mean that iPad PRO with M1 is only suitable for simple modeling? Do you want to go back to the PC to make a slightly more complicated model? Can the upcoming M2 solve this problem?

Hi @Xiamen0592

Sadly, every device has it’s limitations, and all use cases differ.
Personally, I think about the platforms the following way:

  • iPad is really intuitive with the pencil, you can rapidly design and prototype, and it’s also great for presenting designs on site / in a workshop / in a meeting, and for relatively simple designs in general. I also believe that using a pencil directly affects the design process and idea phase. You might not even realise, but you could end up creating models, you wouldn’t have using traditional pointer devices.
  • Desktops (both mac and Windows) can have a lot more horsepower, memory, GPU power, for the final “touches” / details, especially on complex designs, these will work better. It will likely always be the case, as these have way more power consumption, cooling, and so on. With Wacom and Spacemouse support, these can be pretty comfortable too.

One of the main reasons for our upcoming Sync feature is to enable this workflow easier, without having to export/import across devices.

M2 could have more memory (up to 24GB). But at “some” point you can still reach it, it’s just further away. There is no silver bullet, or holy grail solution. It all depends on your use case, the complexity of your designs.

I wouldn’t say the M1 pro with 8 GB ram is only suitable for simple modelling, but the definition of “simple” is also depending on your experience. For some, a whole building could be considered simple, while others make very small and simple parts to 3D print. We have a pretty diverse user base, people are doing all kinds of great stuff.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply! Well, it sounds like a reality that must be accepted. Seriously, since I used Shapr3D on iPAD, I can’t live without it. As long as some functions such as curved text input, non-equal proportional scaling, etc. are missing, I will hardly turn on the PC. I’m used to using pencil to solve problems on iPAD. I’m sorry! My description of “simple design” is not accurate enough. What I really want to express is a random design that is not limited by RAM.