Anyone Here Interested In Paramotor Design?

New guy here. Trying this program out. A few qestions 1 how do you ask the company a direct question? 2. What are those of you who are using the business or team versions thoughts vs the standard. For instance, the 2D drawing. Are those absolutely necessary if you export to STEP or IGES.

The CEO and several of the employees post here regularly, so if you post your questions here, someone from Shapr will likely respond.

Howdy :wave: how can I help you?

First of all, I love this program and wish you all of the success in the world over it. Thanks for answering. If you could answer the the questions above about upgrades later, it would help. My wife also asked if the 1 year renews at the end of the year, or after a year has passed.

As you can see, I have a fairly specific goal in mind for my first project and some parts will need to be machined. But again, I’m not a corporate entity with corporate money to help out.

The business usage plan is a little stiff for me right now as I’m just getting used to the program and not yet sure how I will use it. I’m new to 3D Modeling but this is very similar to 2d vector graphics, which I am well familiar with. I’m also a little skeptical about the possibility that, as your success grows, so will the prices for your early customers. This is not an accusation, just a pattern I’ve witnessed with many software products over the last 4 decades. Please don’t price the rest of us out of business.

Subscriptions renew after 365 days.

We never raised prices for existing customers. We introduced higher prices several times, every single time we grandfathered our existing customers. We plan to keep it this way.

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I am not entirely sure if I understand your question. Can you elaborate on it please?

I guess I want to try to machine something that will use a STEP or IGES file. I was wondering if the 2D drawing is absolutely necessary. It would be nice if I could just pay a small fee per drawing if I only need 1 or 2 per year. Other than that, I don’t really need nor can justify the 50% higher price. Forgive my naive questions. But this is new territory and I have a lot to learn.

Some manufacturers will be OK with manufacturing based on a STEP file. Others will be OK even with a few sketches on a dirty napkin. Some will require you to send them a proper drawing. You should consult with the manufacturing company that you are planning to work with what are their expectations. It really depends on the company and many other factors.

Thank you soo much for the advice here Istvan. I feel lucky to get a response from the CEO while you still have time for the occasional personal touch. Who knows, I may need higher levels in the future, that being said, if I upgrade to the business model later or even team level, we may trade more emails. But I do thank you for your time today. I should probably get back to modeling and watching videos about modeling.

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You could offer crumpled paper and dirty napkin on the 2 drawing output. Great idea!


Thanks for the suggestion, I have forwarded your request to our produ…. Wait what?:sweat_smile:

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