Subscription flip flop!

I am working on a project that I hope to patent with in the near future. I will need to make drawings of this project to start the process, but the problem is I am working on a low to no budget. I have been reviewing the pricing for the subscriptions

Monthly $29.99
Yearly $239.99

Monthly $59.99
Yearly $499.99

Will need to use
2D drawings for manufacturing
some time in near future

I am currently on the standard monthly at $29.99. Can I when I need to make 2D drawings switch to the business monthly at $59.99, then switch back to the standard monthly after I am thru.

I only have Social Security hence the no budget to work with.

Were you in before the changes to subscriptions?

Yes , I had to quit my subscription for a few months. When I came back the new pricing was in effect.

Is this to far out in left field, I was hoping to at least get a response from the Shapr3D team.

You are free to switch between all the plans we offer.