App crash on project overview

Hi everyone and a great start into 2024 for you all.

I have a strange bug on my iMac 27" from 2020. When I go the projects view with all my models the shapr3D app crashes after a few seconds. I use the app in the maximised window view. If I reduce the shapr3D app to a smaller window with maybe only 3 items in one row it doesn’t crash.
I guess that the app can’t handle the number of items shown in the maxed out view.

Has anyone the same problem and maybe a solution, other than reducing the window size? At least I can still work, but the need to constantly reduce the window size is getting a bit annoying.

Thanks and I’m exciting what new improvements 2024 is going to bring :smiley:


Hey Matthias,

Could you please open a support ticket, so we can take a deeper look into the problem? Please include the app version you are using, the device’s specs, and the number of projects if you know it. Thank you!

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