App keeps crashing when I try to use visualize

I have both the latest version of the app and of IOS in my iPad. Yet, every time I click on the visualize tool my app crashes. Is there a solution?


Which iPad model are you using? Are you on iPadOS 15.5 or 16 beta? Could you share the problematic workspace? You can upload it here if it’s not confidential, if it is, feel free to send it directly to me at

I am using a 9th generation iPad and running IOS 15.5. My device should be able to take using this tool, right? Could it be a specific problem with my workplace?

Every device has it’s limits, without seeing the workspace, we can’t know for sure what the problem is.

I encountered the same problem. Rendering. Recently, I often encountered program crashes when adding sketches. My iPad pro 2020 6G running memory memory 256G ipad os 16.2 project file 152MB

You are very likely hitting the device’s memory limits. A 152 MB .shapr file is a pretty big one.