Help! my program crashes

hey, i love this program and work a lot with it for my university business. So far it has always worked, but I’m currently working on a larger project and since yesterday evening it keeps crashing as soon as I want to open the project. The app and other projects open everything works, only as soon as I want to open the larger project it crashes immediately. What can I do, I can’t start all over again…
I hope somebody can help me, I tried so much (uninstall, log out, new update, leave it, close … everything)
Thank you

Hi @KimLeoni, can you please upload the workspace? It would be great to take a look at it. If it is confidential, please send it to

At a first glance, I would say there will be some performance issues. If the model has a lot of imported geometries (step/iges), it may need a bigger computing capacity than the iPad can provide and it could make the app crash.

Hey @KPeter, thank you for your quick answer to my question. However, I can’t get into my project and so can’t send it anywhere, that’s the problem I have. I can’t do anything with it, it’s like being erased because I don’t tear
is there another way to restore the file? many thanks already im

This is an important point.
It would be very useful to be able to save a .shapr file to a different location from the Designs page. I understand if export to a different format is impractical from that location but a simple “save to files” option would be FANTASTIC!

You just export as Shapr3D, and save it to files on your iPad.

I understand that process but it is only available from within a design, not from the Designs page. I was trying to make the point that it would be nice to export a save file without being in the design.

The op wasn’t able to open their file so there was no way to save to iPad or cloud.

Connect to PC, and use the itunes to save the file, after you can send it.

Or…if you use a Mac, you can Airdrop the file to it from your iPad. :wink:

@JST was correct, you can backup your offline files anytime from your iPad: