App crashes

Hello! I just bought a new iPad pro 256GB. I am trying to go through the first tutorials in Shapr3D and the app just keep crashing all the time. I have plenty of free space for the memory om the iPad. Can iCloud memory be an issue?


No, that shouldn’t be a problem. Can you please post a video of the issue?

IT just crashes from time to time. Some time i can USE the program for a few minutes, before IT crashes, and the iPad automatically shuts down. I am not Able to upload a video because I am a new user.

Have you tried restarting your iPad?

Yes, I have tried to restart. But it still crashes. Not just the app crash, but the iPad turns IT self off, and restart.

Oh wow… Then I suspect something is wrong with your device, it shouldn’t happen. Does this happen with any other app that you are using extensively? You may want to try to restore your device.

Try deleting Shapr3D and reinstalling it. In the early days of IOS that was a common fix. It’s rare these days, but still happens.

Tried deleting and reinstalling shapr. Worked for a little while, and than it startes crashing again.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No IT hasent happend with any other app yet.

This is quite strange and most likely device or iPadOS related. Can you please check if there is an available iPadOS update version and then update it to the latest version.

If the issue persists you could backup your files and try doing a device reset or you could reach out to Apple support:

@SveinArne Sounds like a device issue to me and not a Shapr3D issue. I would suggest resetting the iPad as it sounds like there is something going on with iPadOS. Are you by chance running a developer or public beta of iPadOS 14?

Hi! I think, this is a hardware problem! I had it also time to time, specially with large files and intensive work! First time were flashes and flickers on the screen, an then the crash in shapr3d.
After a while becomed visible in other apps, after the crash, and ther was a sparkling in the black parts of the homescreen…

My suggestion is, that if You can, send or bring it back to change for a new one, specialliy, if is still new! Mine was unfortunatelly already older than 1 year…

Thanks for the replies.
I delivered the IPad back to the store. After trying to reinstall the operativ system and some testing They found out that it was something wrong with the hardware on the iPad. So I am getting a new IPad.