Shapr3D crashing

I just had Shapr3D crash while moving a face on a cylinder by .05" (or, rather, trying to).image

The above screen capture is what the screen to the App looks like after three hours, and I cannot use the App without deleting it and re-installing it, which makes me think my work will disappear as well.

Not that it would be terrifically hard to re-build, given that I have only spent 1 hour at this point working on it (Shapr3D is quick to learn if you know other 3D CAD apps. It could use some better shortcuts, but I can see how that would be hard to get on an iPad Pro).

BTW, it has also crashed while doing Bevels, as others continually point out, but it usually recovers from those after 20 minutes to an hour, at most (and usually within 3 min.).

There are also places where it just won’t build a chamfer or bevel, which will work in AutoCAD (I am starting with duplicating some work that I have already finished in AutoCAD, just to test what it can and cannot do).

But for the time being, I am wondering what to do about this crash, and if I am going to have to just start over.



somehow the app got into executing a never ending operation. This shouldn’t happen at all.

To continue your work, you can force close the app, no need to reinstall. Since we auto-save after every successful operation you will only loose this last face pulling operation.

If you could send us this design to we can check and fix the problem.

None of the operations should last longer than a few minutes, except if you have a very complex model, but definitely not 20 minutes or an hour. In these cases better to quit and restart the app and if possible send us the design.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Hi, I’ve got a similar problem but am unsure how to force quit on my iPad Pro? If I press and hold on the app it options only to remove it and if I go to settings there is no option either?
I’m urgently trying to finish a job !
Thanks, Tom

Don’t temove it!! Just restart you iPad. Deleting the app will delete your data.

Thanks Istvan,

Managed to sort it. Apologies for late reply!

By the way whats the best way to import a CAD file, so that i can draw the flat images in 3d. Tried a pdf which works but the res is rubbish?

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