Crashing frequently

Shapr3D is crashing frequently (2-3 time in 10 minutes) please fix the issue ASAP. It is frustrating, I’m not able to do my work. And also, the pop up box is not appearing to report crash.


Could you please share more info about how it happens?
What would especially help are:

  • OS version
  • Exact app version
  • The device used
  • The workspace which tends to crash
  • The steps leading to the crash

Thank you!

iPad OS 15.5
Shapr3D 5.140.0
While working on these kind of patterns….it crashes.

What device are you using? These patterns create complex geometry, so it might be that the device is running out of memory, especially in Visualization.


Yeah, I faced same issue yesterday, crash many times when in visualization then I delete the complex geometry, no crash anymore, I used iPad 9, 3 GB of RAM, not enough for complex geometry.

I have iPad pro (11th generation,128 GB) 70% of the space is empty… isn’t it enough for shapr to run these geometric patterns easily.

It’s not about the available storage, but the RAM the device has.

If it’s a 1st gen iPad Pro, it came with only 4 GB of ram, part of which is by default reserved to the OS only, so it’s not that much remaining available for the apps.

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It’s 2nd gen

That came with the same, 4GB RAM memory configuration, so in this cases, behaves the same.

To be clear: We have plans to reduce memory usage with optimalizations in the coming months, which will help somewhat with models that are currently on the edge of the maximum memory usage, but ultimately there will always be a limit of what a device can handle, we can just push it a bit further away.


Thank you for the help.