App Freezes on copy of move

Why all of a sudden the app freezes (crashes) on copy or move. (for about two weeks)I don’t see a update for the app recently. I have a 2017 ipad pro 12.9
Its very frustrating. I just made my subscription payment yesterday.

Please advise

Apologies tor the inconvenience. We have been going a bit faster than we should have. The fix is coming early next week, it’s ready, and waiting for the App Store review.

Thanks for the update.

Ok this is frustrating. It still freezes. And you have to keep rebooting the entire iPad to make it work. Then it does it again after a couple of moves or copies. It’s very very frustrating when you’re paying for an app/something you can’t use. Please advise. Smh


Hi @Mindofharris59, did you update to the latest verdion?


Yes I did update to the latest version.

Can you help us to reproduce the issue? If you could share the workspace in .shapr format, and give us a few steps to reproduce the problem that would be super helpful.