App Freezing on iPad Pro 10.5

Hello, I recently started using the Shapr3d app and have noticed that it freezes randomly when using the app, it seems to happen when working with 2D sketches and happens even when working with simple sketches. I would see it freeze, then after a couple of seconds the tutorial on the top of the screen freezes. Please note that the app does not respond to any inputs while frozen and I have to press the home button to get out of the app and when going back to the app it resets to the design list window.

I have tried:
-Updated to iOS 14.2
-Uninstalled and reinstalled the app

System Info:
-iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) (256 GB) (Wifi+Cellular)
-iOS 14.2
-iPencil (1st gen)

Any help is appreciated


Thank you for contacting us. We have received several reports regarding this issue. We are investigating it and will get back with an update as we have the result.

Thank you, I will be waiting for your response regarding this issue. Is it possible that the iPad is too old to meet performance standards? I haven’t seen a minimum requirements list of hardware for this app.

It can happen that larger assemblies load slower on older ones than newer iPads, but this issue come up when creating simple sketches so we do not think it is based on the performance

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