Constant freezing up

This program is constantly freezing up. If you can’t build complicated parts, what’s the use of using it?

I tried erasing the piece that keeps freezing the piece and it won’t even let me erase it. Freezing to the point wher I have to shut the program down and it STILL WONT DELETE THE PIECE

Hi! Can you please let us know the version of Shapr3D and the type of iPad you are using? A screen recording and the Shapr3D project would also help a lot in finding the possible causes.

If any of this information is confidential, feel free to send them in a support ticket, we’ll check it soon.

Hey! I’m creating a panel saw project and suddenly the application crashes, not allowing me to rotate or zoom with my fingers. Freezing happens randomly. The only solution I found was to exit the project and come back again.

I’m using iPad 12.9 m1 pro and the shapr3d version is

Hello! Please send us the Shapr3D design in a support ticket to let us have a look at it.