app stops working

Hi there,

after working a couple of hours the app stopped working: no selection, no reaction on pencil moves, save worked.

What I tried: load another model, go back - nothing; leave the app go back nothing changend. Switch off the ipad and wait a little - did not work;
iPad OS 16.3.1
iPad Pro 12-9 inch - 6th gen.

Is there any idea out there how this problem can be solved?

regards fogdale

Hello! Please open a support ticket using the link at the end of your post and send us the following:

  1. The Shapr3D design you have the problem with
  2. A screen recording of the issue - for the recording, please turn on the Display Pencil and touches option. You can find the setting after visiting the Settings of the iPad and scrolling down to Shapr3D.
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