No functions available except moving around my drawing

Hello- I’ve been using Shapr for about a year now and just today I opened up the app on my IPad and I literally can only move around my drawings and do nothing else; no drawing, deleting, extruding, moving etc etc. Ive made the updates to the software and turned the machine off and back on with no changes. Does anyone know the solution to this issue? Thanks


Sorry to hear that. Could you give some more information to help us investigate?
What is the iPad, and iPadOS version are you using?
Is the app version displaying 5.41?
If not confidential, could you share the workspace, exported in .shapr format?
A short video could also help a lot.

Thank you!

Thanks for your quick response
Its an iPad Air 2 version 15.3 and the app is displaying a 5.41.
Not too sure on how to share a workspace and I did take a short video of me trying to draw a line and then trying to extrude a bracket, when I try to extrude, I normally double click on the piece and begin the function but all this does now is highlights the face of the part and returns me to a zoomed front view. Of course when i try to post this video, the system tells me that new users are not allowed to post videos

Hi! I’ve updated your level, please feel free to share the video. To send us the workspace, please export your project as a Shapr3D Design. It will be a .shapr extension file, having all the modeling elements that you have in that particular design.

One other thing you can try. Remove Shapr3D from the background and restart it.
(Do not delete and reinstall as that will wipe out all your 3D files.)

That seemed to fix it. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it :metal: