App論壇無法中文介面,Unable to use Chinese Chinese to see

The Chinese connection of the software is not good enough, and it will not be synchronized with the English switching text of the app. That’s right, as I used Chinese as the title, it will bring you a lot of trouble and confusion. If we can completely optimize the language, I think our software will be more popular, more popular and even have a wider audience. Even make the software so that it can be borderless. At the same time, I also hope that the options of some shortcut commands in the software will be more advanced and more user-friendly. For example, some special and commonly used machining special symbols in the process of making CAD have not been added to our software. And the most serious thing about 2D CaD drawings is that the title bar cannot be set and saved as templates according to customer needs, so that it can be recalled and used later. At the same time, I hope to add some quick selection of some screws :nut_and_bolt: in the software. Wait, some problems can be said to be very serious or not bad. I hope that 2d cad will move towards a more professional mechanical processing industry.