Apple Mixed reality glasses and AR glasses

I`m really hoping SHapr3D will be one of the showcases of the launch of the Apple Mixed reality headset thats rumored to be launched later this year. :wink:

Imagine the possibilities.

  1. Livestreaming a 3D model in AR in a design meeting.

  2. Shapr3d actually running on the VR headset (or via Remote desktop mac/iphone/ipad)
    Just by connecting a mouse and keyboard to the VR set you can work in shapr3D just as you would on a desktop or laptop. You will get a big virtual desktop screen floating in front of you with shapr3D launched AND at the same time your can put the 3D model in AR on the table in front of you. With possibilities to manipulate it with hand gestures (move/rotate/scale/hide parts etc etc).

You can actually do something similar today with the Oculus Quest2 (or any VR set with passthrough capabilities).
Just launch the desktop version of Shapr3d in a remote desktop app on the VR set that supports passthrough

In Ironman, there is NO headset… Just sayin! :rofl: