Concept: Shapr3D running on the upcoming Apple Mixed Reality headset

Will we see shapr3D in yet another keynote ?
The mixed Reality Headset is rumoured to be launched later this year.

I made a concept rendering of Shapr3D being run from the Apple Mixed Reality set. (Remote Desktop or Sidecar to a server or mac/pc)
Also note that the 3D model is projected on the table and rendered in real time.

Made in Shapr3D and rendered in Cadmio.
Screens, keyboard, wacom tablet and spacemouce are blended in in Procreate.
The glass man was downloaded.


Futuristic, or not!



The Apple mixed reality design is based on the “leaked” drawing and other concept renders of the headset.


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Looks a little like my old SCUBA mask…



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Updatet photo with the new Cadmio 2.0 AR feature.

Only the screens have been added in post (procreate)
The rest is Augmented reality

Before Procreate edit:


hopefully it becoming reality soon

Trap thumbnails aren’t doing good. The adopted manner should be reconsidered.

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 14.10.24

English is not my main language.

Apple is rumored to release some mixed reality headset. The latest rumors say they will be revealed in january 2023 and released later that year.
This 3D model is based on the online renderings that was made in response to leaks on the looks of the headset.

I´m actually writing this post in a «similar» setup to the rendering I made.
Just with the Nreal Air glasses instead.


The glasses would have an equivilent of a M1 pro chip in it.
@Istvan maby even shapr3d could run nativly with these using just a a keyboard and mouse :wink:
Then you could go into AR view and use handtracking to put the model in your hand to look at it and manipulate it;)

@Vassi_solutions. For that price (probably around $3000 in my country) I’d expect it to do all that and more :sunglasses:. But seriously, it’s exciting stuff and possibly opens up areas we haven’t even thought about yet.

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So close here. Actually comes 2024 and probably the app could work without changes, but it’d be really nice if that “drag the object out of the 2d window” works when it comes out. With an M2 chipset it will already likely work better than on my last A series iPad Pro.

Shapr3D on the Apple Vision Pro is almost a given by now.
Either as an Ipad app working on the device or through a macbook (sidecar?).

I am more skeptical if they could pull off a full immersive 3D Shapr3D VR app? I think you would have to have som physical controllers for that to work?.

But for Visualisation your 3D models, this is brilliant.

Developers can get access to try out their Ipad App on the headset in July;)

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I think there would really be no point in using Shapr3D through the 2D projection of the iPad workspace floating in the middle of the room.
I hope they’ll make a truly immersive app instead, allowing us to model objects directly with our hands, with no other input devices!

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