3d Shapr under VR?

Guys, have you considered implementing Shapr 3D for VR? I’ve been using Gravity Sketch on the Oculus Quest 2, and the experience is completely different compared to traditional modeling. Shapr 3D is already incredibly user-friendly and intuitive on a standard PC, and the tablet version is definitely pushing the boundaries even further. However, I believe it would be worth considering bringing it to VR. And you would be the first to introduce such an engineering program in VR, so give it some serious thought. :wink:


From the latest rumors of the Apple mixed Reality headset you will be able to run thousands of Ipad Apps on the device (as a floating monitor)
I wouldn’t be supriced if Shapr3D is one of them.

I can’t speak for Shapr3D , but I think it they would be wise to build on that and make a RealityOS spesific VR/AR app

Oh, I see. That would indeed be truly amazing. However, I suppose the headset would be quite expensive and not accessible to everyone, though.

You can always use something like vSpatial on Oculus to control your Mac or PC to use Shapr3D

Man, I’d kill for this. I tried the gravity sketch thing, and found that it was just too free form. The constraints and all the locking bits from Shapr? I’d be bloody Tony Stark

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