Let Shapr3D onto Oculus environment

Meta worlds are empty without free creators. Best wishes.

I would instead put my money on Shapr3D bringing it to the upcoming Apple Mixed Reality headset in some way or another.

You can Import models into apps like ShapesXR for the Quest though.

You can also use Sketchfab directly in the Meta Browser.

Maby Shapr3D can do the same with their WebViewer?


How not to forget all this and take into account? At the same time, I am developing the idea of ​​integrating 3D games on different platforms (Steam, Xbox, SideQuest, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Virtual Desktop, PlayStation), and it to be busy for the ages. So hard in one moment. More and more formats, seems we will never meet in this Virtual 3D Singularity.

Thank you. It would be elementary to give access to my project here to fill it new ideas. While there is no need to invest in this gloss for me. This is beautiful and this is a reason, but this is not the main thing for the creator. I have tried too many tools already. Cheaper on Sketchup or write a 3D editor myself, or play Minecraft. Hope I don’t get fired. =]