Apple Pencill message?

How do I get “You need Apple Pencil…Why?” message to go away?
I attached and connected the pencil but the message is still at the top of my screen.

Hi - most likely your device Bluetooth is turned off. Turn it on to have the message stop displaying.

Hi Victor,
Bluetooth is enabled and Pencil connected but the message persist…

Please can you disconnect the Pencil, restart your device and then connect the Pencil again. Let’s see if the issue persists. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

I did it, but still the same…

Figured it out. For some reason in the Shapr settings (inside General iPad settings) Bluetooth was disabled… It’s sorted now. Thanks for your replies Victor :wink:

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You are welcome. It’s great to know that it’s sorted :slight_smile:

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