Apply dimensions to spline based body/organic shapes

Hi everybody,

i am new to shapr3d and as I am mainly aiming at sketching organic bodies or organic shapes for
CNC purposes I was wondering how splines can be measured (e.g. Lenght of sketch, height etc…) and why I cannot put any dimensions to my sketch in the drawing….

Any suggestions to work precisly with splines and measurements on organic shapes…?


(Remember that you can set the dimensions between points/lines. Just click on the point and the corresponding line, and the dimension should pop up.)

So there are two types of splines: Fit and Control

The first image is the Control and the latter is the Fit
I would suggest using the Control since you don’t have to worry about angle.

Thank you so much! BUT if I have a closed shape which needs to have a specific length/height and my control points are outside/inside the line… What then? And why don‘t I have the ability to add measurements to a export drawing… Maybe you could help me out… thx!!

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I don’t quite know what you mean. Could you maybe share the file, or a photo?