Feature request : Add spline control point, import image scaling, freeform surface, group and separate

Hi, Shapr3D.

While trying to model an arched top stringed instrument by importing 2D drawings of it and make the outline and arch, I decided to make a feature request, I know all four had been discussed on the forum at different times, please consider this a ’buzzmaking’ to bump these up the future feature list. :slight_smile: (Let me know if there is a specific thread for feature suggestion)

Add spline control point : Fit point can be added or deleted, but control point can only be deleted from an existing line. And also, when fit point line are closed into a shape, the first/last point can end up rather pointy, not averaged/rounded.

Import image scaling : It’d be nice to Be able to add two points on the imported image, and scale the image by assigning the distance between the two dots. Much faster and more accurate this way that drawing a line of the target length and aligning/scaling, especially for modeling devices/instruments that uses bought-in parts of specific dimension.

Freeform surface : Violin, cello, or archtop guitars have arched tops. After the outside edge of the top is drawn into a shape, freeform surface would allow a smoother, more organic and ’clay-like’ way to form an from the shape. Drawing many cutaways and lofting it works too, but I wouldn’t call it intuitive as one has to break down the imagined shape into slices, them reformulate it to see the representation.


Group and separate : it’d be nice to be able to form groups and separate them later, rather than keeping copies of bodies at every inconsolable steps, if when possible. Talking about grouping, if lines/sketches could be grouped so they can be selected in one go, and separated for editing later, that’d be useful as well.

What do you think, fellow shaprs?